Arctic Charr

Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus)

Small populations of Arctic charr can be found in a handful of lochs around Skye and Lochalsh. These charr are a salmonid species, meaning they are related to both Atlantic salmon and brown trout. All Scottish Arctic charr populations remain in freshwater for their entire lifecycle, but populations in different countries, such as Norway, are anadromous.

Charr are primarily found in deep loch systems in Scotland and feed primarily on plankton. These fish are rarely caught by anglers given their preference for deeper water. Similarly to their salmonid cousins, charr will spawn in the autumn, often on the shores of lochs.

loch mealt isle of skye

Many thanks to C. Adams and P. Maitland (Arctic Charr in the Lochs of Scotland (2018)) for providing these photos.

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