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The Skye and Lochalsh Rivers Trust carries out a wide variety of activities and works as part of our many projects and engagements. This ranges from electrofishing in small river and burns to seine netting in estuaries to engaging with local communities.

If you would like to learn more about helping your local waterways and the animals and plants they support, all while getting your hands dirty helping us, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

Looking after your local watershed- Scotland’s waterways are critically important to both the natural environment and ourselves, friends and neighbours. As a result, it is incredibly important to look after our freshwater resources and protect them from degradation through pollution, invasive species, or general mismanagement.

If you see pollution in a river (including hazardous waste flowing into a body of water) within our area, please report it either to SLRT or to SEPA .

If you are an angler, kayaker, walker or anyone else that regularly accesses multiple freshwater systems across Scotland, you could be responsible for transporting invasive plant and animal species between these waterways. These invasive species can have large negative impacts on our local water ways, with invasive plants smothering native plants on river banks and invasive animal species outcompeting or predating on native animals. To make sure that you are protecting our freshwater environments on Skye and in Lochalsh, please practice these basic biosecurity protocols!

Find more information about the importance of biosecurity at the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative.

Unfortunately, illegal poaching of salmon is still a problem in our area. While legislation is in place to deter poachers, this is a very real threat to our wild fish populations, which are incredibly vulnerable and can’t support commercial fishing. If you see any suspicious netting activity occurring in rivers or in sea lochs, please call 101 and report it.

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